Coleridge FBSE-22-05

May 2022 Report:

  • We encountered challenges with contracts with our state partners due to clauses regarding the ownership of state data. These clauses are direct flow-down from ATI’s agreement with NCSES. We are working on a resolution (we will send revised statements to ATI, and they will take these to NCSES for review). There are difficulties with navigating planning during contract negotiation period.
  • The Coleridge team is continuing with the initial review of Foreign Born Scientists and Engineers-related federal data sources that will be used for benchmarking. The team obtained and analyzed tables from the American Community Survey (ACS): Aggregate Data and Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS). The analysis included advanced degree holders by nativity over time; foreign-born post-education advanced degree holders by origin and decade of immigration (aggregates); and socioeconomic characteristics (PUMS). These were obtained for New Jersey, Arkansas, and Kentucky, as well as the nation. ACS is nationally representative, and available over time; it provides detailed origin, immigration, education, work, and socioeconomic status information. Moreover, it has a flag for S&E and S&E-related fields which are useful to identify scientists and engineers. However, ACS data does not allow us to capture whether the individuals obtained their degree in the US or abroad. Therefore, administrative data from the states will be of great importance.

June 2022 Report:

  • As mentioned in the last report, we encountered challenges regarding contracts with our state partners due to clauses regarding the ownership of state data. This led to a slower progress in the last month (e.g., state partners postponed sending invitations to the potential advisory panel members). This week, we were informed by ATI that the proposed changes were accepted, hence the contracting with the states can now be finalized.