Project Awards

Project NameAward Date
Expanding Equitable Access to Restricted-Use Data through Federal Statistical Research Data Centers (FSRDC)October 2023
Creation of Synthetic Data and Development and Use of Verification Metrics (Survey of Earned Doctorates) (SEDSyn)October 2023
Utilizing Privacy Preserving Record Linkage with Parent Agency Data and Statistical Agency to Inform Programs and Policies (NCSES/NSF) (PPRL2)September 2023
Federated Data Usage Platform (DUP)September 2023, October 2023
Creating and Validating Synthetic Data (NCSES/Census, Annual Business Survey) (ABSSyn)September 2023
Models for a Data Concierge Service for a National Secure Data Service (DCS)September 2023
Development of a Prototype for the Standard Application Process Portal (SAP)September 2023
Evaluation of Noise Infusion for Large-Scale Demographic Sample Survey (Survey of Doctorate Recipients) (SDRN)September 2023
Utilizing Privacy Preserving Record Linkage to Link Data from Two Federal Statistical Agencies (NCSES/NCHS) (PPRL1)September 2023
Secure Compute Environment Scan (SCE)September 2023
National Vital Statistics System Modernization — New Opportunities for Interoperable Data (NVSS)August 2023
Data Protection Toolkit Use Case Analysis (DPT)July 2023
Privacy Preserving Technologies Phase 1: Environmental Scan (PPT)July 2023
Foreign Born Scientists and Engineers in the Workforce (FBSE)February 2022, March 2022